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I have been busy making a new free to use electronic parts inventory website.

It allows you to import or export your parts inventory as also to edit it on the site itself.

It also supports a very easy to use search feature.

So if you need help to know where you put that resistor, capacitor or IC, then take a look !

Audio Control SA-3050A RTA Power Supply and Battery Pack Design Reverse Engineering Part 1

I begin to reverse engineer the power supply, battery pack option, and AC mains conversion to 240V on the Audio Control SA-3050A.

Watch the full video for Part 1 on YouTube for all the details, there is a second video coming soon showing the actual design and build of the battery pack and 240V power supply system.

YouTube Video:

Files from a similar unit showing circuitry, sent to me by Kim:

High Voltage Leakage/Breakdown Voltage Tester Project

I have finished (mostly) the leakage tester project, the final video is scheduled to go live on Saturday morning.

I had a couple of weird issues I had to resolve, I was seeing skewed voltage and current readings at higher levels. The zener diodes that I was using to clamp the inputs of the Arduino as protection were turning on too soon and starting to clamp, effectively changing the resistor divider ratios, I ended up removing the voltage sensing ones, and changing the current sensing one to a 6.2V instead.

The final design will need avalanche diodes, probably 5.6V rated.

My new links site.

I have finally found the time to sit down and make a short url conversion site.

This now allows me to create my own short URL's and also ensures that they will work forever, giving me permanent control of the short URL links.