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I have been busy making a new free to use electronic parts inventory website.

It allows you to import or export your parts inventory as also to edit it on the site itself.

It also supports a very easy to use search feature.

So if you need help to know where you put that resistor, capacitor or IC, then take a look !

Live streams

I recently did some live streaming on my YouTube channel, they always seem to go on longer than I planned, I was intending to only stream for about an hour each time, but they seem to stretch out to a few hours at times.

Had some good chats with people and got some tips for my new 3D printer, which was great.

I also did some diagnostic work on the HP4261A LCR meter, manage to narrow the fault right down, and fixed it later on that evening (videos will be published for it soon).

Fluke 5200A AC Calibrator Update

I have been working on the fluke some more, I have been going through its basic calibration procedure (doing a video it of course).

I can see that TP5 on the oscillator control board is noisy, so this could be a clue to where the noise is originating.

As it is a closed loop system, I will need to inject my own signal at some point of the circuit to see if the noise is before or after that point.